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2 Pack of "Spazzy Whitebelt" Stickers

2 Pack of "Spazzy Whitebelt" Stickers

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Are you that white belt who has absolutely no skill? 😕 The one who has been training for months but can't even pass the new guy's guard? 🥋 Does your coach look away when you're training because they feel like they've disappointed the picture of Gracie hanging on the wall? 😞 Are you willing to do anything for a stripe, even if it means hurting your training partner and giving them a black eye, just so you can pass their guard for one second before losing it because you have no skills to hold it? 🤕 Well, we have the sticker for you, or one you can give to that new white belt. 🏷️ Even if they're not a white belt, you can identify them as one because they're still spazzy. 🤷‍♂️


Vinyl Decal

3 x 2.1 In

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